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Five Awesome Slot Games!

If you’ve gotten tired of playing the same slot game over and over and are looking for something new, read on. There’s a whole slew of fun and exciting slot games to play! Here, we’ll take a look at just a few of the new games that we think you’ll enjoy.

Avalon II


If you’ve ever played Avalon I, you probably know what to expect from its sequel, Avalon IIBoth of these games revolve around a quest with King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. However, the pay lines here are a bit different. In Avalon II, there are 243 different ways to win, a big increase from Avalon I, which featured only five reels each with 20 pay lines. You’ll also enjoy the eight added bonus rounds which offer you additional opportunities to win payouts.

Loose Cannon


For those looking for a visually satisfying game, Loose Cannon is an obvious game. The pirate theme is both fun and exciting! The game is packed with awesome graphics together with superb animations. As a penny slot that’s easy to learn to play, the game is a great an introduction to the world of slot games as any other.

You’ll trigger a bonus round by hitting a Compass scatter symbol, earning you 15 additional spins. On these additional spins, you’ll have the opportunity to retrigger the bonus round. You may very well earn consecutive bonus rounds on Loose Cannon.

The special thing about this game is the Wild symbol. It will show up on the center reel and spread out. These symbols will disperse cannonballs all over that will transform symbols into additional Wilds. Usually, you will only get one or two of these Wilds. However, the Wild symbol will show up quite frequently, which adds what we think is an exciting element to the game.

Untamed Crown Eagle

The Untamed Crowned Eagle is a 243-line slot best online casino game with a crowned eagle as its theme. That’s not too surprising, is it? More generally, it has an outdoors or hunting theme with a mountainous background that resembles the Rocky Mountains. From a design point of view, the site has on theme that’s carried through the symbols, reels and background.

One neat little feature of Untamed Crown Eagle is “Your Gamble” which allows you to move a compass around the world to determine the space where your spin will either win or lose. It allows you to control how large you want your “win” space to be, and this will affect the amount of winnings or losses you incur – talk about power! The game’s flexibility allows it to appeal to both beginners and high-rollers.

If you’re one of the latter, you’re free to make the “win” space extremely small for a chance to get a big return. Otherwise, you can make the “win” space large to reduce the risk of your bet. Another great thing about Untamed Crown Eagle is the way Wild symbols work. Each time an Untamed Crown Eagle appears on one of your reels, you’ll get a Wild symbol added beneath the reel! When you get four Wild symbols, the whole reel will turn into a stacked Wild.

This goes on for four whole spins. Eventually, you’ll get concurrent stacked Wilds. When you do that, your earnings will start piling up quickly. The payouts are decent, with 90,000-coin maximum. Look out for “Your Gamble” feature – it’s awesome!

Lucky Koi


Take a trip to the East with Lucky Koi! Of course, it’s going to be fun and exciting with fortune-cookie fonts and corny pictures of lotuses, dragonflies, fans, lanterns, and Chinese gold bars. This game is not subtle with its design and delivery – it’s ideal for those who love everything about slot game designs and more.

We found the graphics pleasant which makes it unique!

This slot game features five reels and 25 pay lines, but in addition to the slot action, you’ll find a variety of bonus features. The game wild is, of course, the Lucky Koi, which activates additional wins when it appears on one of the reels. When you hit the lantern scatter symbol, you’ll trigger a bonus game – here you’ll be offered two more options to strike it big!

This game will appeal to slot players from all levels – it’s worth playing!
Mayan Princess


Mayan Princess offers a spectacular display of South America! The game boasts tigers, cornstalks, chili peppers, parrots, a sun god and the obligatory Mayan princess – all drawn in a pseudo-Mayan style. It’s rich and colorful, and this really makes a difference when you’re looking at the same thing for an hour.

It’s a five-reel and twenty-pay line game, with essentially one bonus feature. When you hit a pyramid scatter symbol on the first or fifth reel, you’ll trigger a bonus of free spins!The number of free spins you get is triggered randomly. A score multiplier adds to your earnings from these free spins.