Meet the Casino Gamers

We are a group of five 20-year-olds who can’t get enough of online casinos, and our site is our brainchild. First meeting one another at a small college in Brooklyn, we began to have game nights where we would play poker, craps, and a variety of other games. Soon thereafter, we branched out and started to play on online casinos. Passionate about the strategy, chance, and risk involved in the world of online gambling, we decided to put our love of the game into a portal and share their knowledge of the burgeoning industry. Each of us has our own unique story about how we came to love gambling.

Tyler Jamison

I’m Tyler. Born in Jamaica, Queens, I grew up watching my dad play poker with his poker buddies. I learned to play the game quickly, and I have never stopped thinking about the game since. While I do enjoy the thrill of taking risks, what really gets me going about the game is strategy. A devoted follower of gaming blogs and news, my biggest hope to relay the information I find to a wider audience through the site.


Alex Rojas

I hail from the small town of Bishop, California, one of the rock-climbing capitals of the world. Moving to Brooklyn for college, that’s where I met the rest of the team. I only learned how to play poker in college, but he soon became a capable player. When I’m not playing chess or lifting weights, I pass time poring over poker strategy books and watching poker tournaments online.


Jonathan Mandelkern

A cosmopolitan man, myself and my family moved from city to city during my childhood. I find that in poker you learn a lot about people as you come to know how your opponents play their hands. You see how they react to certain situations. You also see how their faces show what they’re really thinking. I joined the team to find an audience for his musings on gambling.


Jordan Freely

A native of Oregon, I moved to Brooklyn for college. A risk-taker from birth, I’m the group’s authority on betting. I find myself attracted to risk-taking, but I’m not not reckless. I enjoy bets most when I can use my inside knowledge and analytical mind. Especially avid of sports betting, I spend a lot of time researching and talking about sports statistics.


Aubrey Jones
Aubrey Jones

Aubrey Jones

Born in Reno, let’s just say I was never far from the casinos. Yet, I have never been inside one! A player of all games, I’m always looking for ways to tighten my game. In every game I play, I try to learn something either about myself or other people.